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  1. The Seasonal Workforce Crisis

    Will some of our crops go unharvested after Brexit?

  2. Brexit Update – March 2019

    Whatever political deal is reached, Brexit must deliver this:

  3. Rural Support is helping 200 families

    Figures from the Department of Agriculture published recently show the average farm income is around £13,500 – this is down 46%.

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  5. Some studies downplay the importance of food security – Alistair Burt, MP

    “Some studies on the future of agricultural policy, such as a recent one by the Centre for Policy Studies, rather downplay the importance of *food…

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  6. Vitally important rural areas – Chris Davies, MP

    “We agree that we must do all we can to support our vitally important rural areas…

  7. Question from: Dr Liam Fox (MP), Secretary of State for Defence 2010-2011

    On 14th December 2015, Dr Liam Fox (MP) posed a question to Ms Liz Truss (MP), the current Secretary of State for Environment, Food and…

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  8. An elephant in the room…

    I am concerned there is another major issue along a similar timescale, (to climate change) an elephant in the room, that of food and energy…

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  9. Big warships to watch your big waters…

    Send out your big warships to watch your big waters, that no one may stop us from bringing you food.

  10. 9 meals away…

    No society is ever more than 9 meals away from total anarchy.