You may be thinking...
that food queues & riots could
never occur in the UK. We trust
they don’t, but can we be sure?


According to DEFRA
The UK trade gap in food, drink & animal
feed has now widened to £21 billion


UK Dairy Farmers
are having to sell their milk for less than
it costs to produce. Action is needed from the
government to save this threatened sector


Vegetable growers
are in steady decline, as
traditionally they are the victims of
increased supermarket competition


Who are Food Security?

Food Security Ltd are a group of concerned UK farmers and food related personnel who want to alert the UK government and the public to the decline in the amount of food produced in this country, and to the fact that defence and national security are inextricably linked with home food production.

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Interesting thoughts

An elephant in the room…

I am concerned there is another major issue along a similar timescale, (to climate change) an elephant in the room, that of food and energy security. This is giving me and many of my scientific colleagues much concern. Don’t we need to do something about food? The idea that you can cut down a rainforest to actually grow biofuels seems profoundly stupid.

Professor John Beddington - Government Chief Scientist

Big warships to watch your big waters…

Send out your big warships to watch your big waters, that no one may stop us from bringing you food.

Rudyard Kipling - From his famous 1911 poem, Big Steamers

9 meals away…

No society is ever more than 9 meals away from total anarchy.

Lord Cameron of Dillington - House of Lords

30 million people, all living on a small island…

30 million people, all living on a small island where we produce enough food for say, 15 million, is a spectacle of majesty and insecurity this great country can ill afford.

Sir Winston Churchill - At the Annual General Meeting of the National Farmers Union in 1959

clever economists who tell us we don’t need British agriculture…

The clever economists who tell us we don’t need British agriculture and that our farms should be turned into national parks seem to ignore the rather obvious snag that an unfriendly country could starve us into submission in a week.

James Herriott - British veterinary surgeon and writer

Our report
In a time of crisis, cutting off our food supply could well be the first aim of the enemy. Would any defence policy not be negated by our dependence on imported food? In terms of UK food security strategies and planning, what audits and risk assessments have been done across Whitehall? Is it currently left to DEFRA alone? Where and when do major departments such as Defence and the Treasury get a say?…