Some key facts & figures

64 million

UK population is now 64 million and predicted to keep on increasing.


40% of our food Is Imported, (this figure was only 26% 20 years ago).

£21 billion

UK Trade gap in food, drink and animal feed is now £21 billion, (this figure was £12 billion in 2000).

1 in 8

The food and farming industry is worth more than £100 billion annually and supports 1 in 8 jobs.

£17 billion

The current level of borrowing in the farming industry is £17 billion.


The current level of buffer food stocks in this country is extremely low.


Heavy reliance on the main supermarkets’ contingency management plans for our supply of food in the event of a crisis.

58 years old

The average age of UK farmers is now 58, (and the majority of farmers’ children do not want to take over the family farm).


Food producers are struggling to maintain production, let alone increase it, (most would have no hope of increasing it).